So last year the sweet spot in Sony's line up was the 385ES. This year I am betting the farm on their new 695ES. It is pretty much future proof and handles its feature set quite nicely. I was able to spend some good quality time with it. I am very familiar with the previous 675 model so I was not sure what to expect with the 695 coming in with a MSRP of 5K less. The 695 is 18 Gpbs capable so there is no need to worry about 4K 60p HDR material. It has you covered. Same for applying Motionflow with 4K material. We can do that too! It has an impressive 1800 Lumens. Which seem brighter than that. We get Dynamic Contrast at 350,000 to 1. Sony's best in the business Super Reality Creation and 3D! New to this year's models is "IMAX ENHANCED." Read more about it here. They are designing a new IMAX picture mode as well. Exciting times ahead!

As you can see in the pics above the 695 throws a spectacular image. Motion is rendered well and I was also impressed at the sharpness and detail. Given the fact that the 675ES had a MSRP of 15K the 695ES for less offers more! My favorite settings can be seen under Cinema 1. The helicopter pic was not a "still pause" pic and as you can see with them moving the image is very clear. Colors are rich and black levels as you can see above in the border areas in the pics are deep and distinct. Near inky black levels which are amazing in this price range. 

The 695ES will be their "sweet spot" this year in the Sony lineup. It is very solid and throws the best 4K image I have seen at the 10K and under mark. Motion, sharpness, color and black levels make a strong foundation for a superb picture and you get all of them here with the 695ES. If you value true 4K and 8.8 million pixels versus 1080p's 2.2 million then don't hesitate to pick up the 695ES. Your eyes will thank you as will your family and friends...
Coming soon the full Review of the Sony VPL-VW 995ES Review. 
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Detail and color accuracy are astounding. Also note the sharpness level. 
The remote is the usual Sony style which I have grown to appreciate. We get the most important features to direct hit. Besides Inputs...
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If you are by Oakbrook stop in and see their theater demo rooms. You can also have a nice lunch at Mike Ditka's super close by. 
Our girls at just age two enjoy spending time in front of the big screen. It is great seeing them point to go down stairs to watch Moana, Trolls, Jurrasic Park or even Paw Patrol...