Today, Sony is happy to announce more details of our VPL-VW1000ES update plan that we know many of you have been waiting for. Since this plan relates to some technologies that had not been announced, we needed a little time so we could discuss all the necessary details of the program. We thank you for waiting and trusting us, and hope that you will see this as an outstanding opportunity, as we do.

 As you know the VPL-VW1000ES was designed over 2 years ago, before recent security and HDMI standards were implemented. Now that those standards have been announced, we want to give owners an option to update their projector to take advantage of the new standards and the content that they enable. So, without further delay, here is what we are offering:

 If you purchased your projector in the United States and it is presently in the US, You are being offered the chance to upgrade your existing projector. Simply contact your dealer and they will take care of the arrangements and let you know of the costs, but please give them a little time as we were unable to contact every dealer ahead of time. Talk to your dealer and decide if the upgrade should be done at your home or at their shop, but physical update of the projector will be performed by a Sony technician, in either case. The update will not only add the ability to use the new Sony FMP-X1 4K Media Player but also adds 4K 60P (4:2:0) functionality to your projector for future 60P content.

 As you might know, the FMP-X1 media player comes with multiple Hollywood movies pre-loaded, but Sony has just added a live storefront to allow purchasing of additional 4K movies, as well. When updated, your VPL-VW1000ES will have the ability to play major studio movies in native 4K UHD resolution, so, as part of the upgrade package, we are including an FMP-X1 unit. Since the media player needs a Sony application to interface with your Sony Entertainment Network account, we are also including a Sony Tablet Z, as well. This award winning fully-functional Android-based tablet is used to allow you to purchase titles from the storefront, as well as to control the media player. At this time, the FMP-X1 is the only 4K player device that can provide access to major studio content, so we are happy to include it, as well.

 The in-home or dealer shop update will provide HDCP 2.2 copy protection support, 60P 4K (4:2:0) playback, a 4K Media Player and a tablet to control it. Since we are basically updating your projector with new features, we wanted to include a new lamp so that when installed it will really be like getting an entirely new projector.

 The value of all the components totals over $3,000, not counting the service technician or additional dealer services. Our expected cost to you for the update is $2,500 (10% of the list price for the projector), but check with your dealers as they are ultimately the ones that will set the final price. Please note that this is an optional upgrade and your projector only needs this update if you wish to add 4K player functionality to it.

 We know that today you have one of the best projectors on the market and hope that you appreciate our efforts to give you an option to add features and support your projector so that it can be used well into the future with the newer standards. We tried to do so at the minimal cost and have worked hard to provide you with additional value. In fact, we are even going to add some more features that we will announce at CEDIA, so we feel that you will be even happier with the additional capabilities we will be announcing then.

 Please understand that we have been waiting for the HDMI organization to finalize their newest specifications and, as such, the upgrades will not be ready until about November. However, we do ask that you pre-order as soon as possible so that we may ensure the availability of parts. Also note that, due to costs and logistics, we will be offering this update for a limited period of time only. The last day your dealer will be able to order the upgrade will be March 31st 2014.

 Again, we will be at CEDIA and request that if any of you come to that show, please stop by and say hello. We really like to listen and think you will agree that we have.

Dave from SONY
SONY VPL-VW1000ES with FMP-X1 4K Server Update
That message is what started excitement for many of us 1000ES owners. I recently had my 1000ES transformed into a 1100ES. The process took about 2 hours to complete but we spent another hour discussing Sony and the rest of the Upgrade Kit. Please note that your Upgrade person is not responsible for hanging, taking down or changing the lamp. Which by the way we were told by someone at Sony is an extended life lamp and should get at least double the hours of the original lamp. My Upgrade specialist was Shawn and he came from a Data company named Walker. They are also not responsible for setting up the FMP-X1 4K Server or as many of us call it, the "puck." Rest assured I will provide a few tips to get you going and if you have any questions you can always email me or call the Sony phone number included with its set up guide. First things first though. Here are a few pics of the Update procedure. The HDMI board was swapped out for one that would make the HDMI 2 input compatible with the FMP-X1. The longest amount of time was installing the many files using a laptop which would complete the 1000 to a 1100 change. 
Tip: Have a nice clean space ready to do the Upgrade.
The menu reflected the transformation into a 1100ES! Another option was added for Reality Creation. I keep getting asked what if anything happened to the image. I would say the image seems slightly more sharp and or refined with RC engaged. I also noticed the Noise Filtering seems to be a little more effective. Others have said to me the image does looks better. Of course the main purpose for the Update for me was 4K...... Let's discuss the FMP-X1.

First things first. After you connect your FMP-X1 to your HDMI 2 input on your newly updated 1100ES (which was a 1000ES) you will be greeted with a screen that has a 4 digit code on it. Your next step is to get your Xperia Z tablet and tap the Play Store icon. Once there in the upper right hand corner there is a search option. Just type in 4K Ultra and you will see the big 4K in gold/yellow. Install it. Funds are done using the SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) so you will set up an account there with a 5 digit pin which is entered when making purchases. It is that easy. Should take just a few minutes. Once your Ultra 4K is up and going (on your Xperia) you just enter the 4 digit code on your screen and then Bob's your uncle from there. Any qustions feel free to email me.
Just a couple of key set up tips to remember. Make sure you tap the Settings in the far upper right corner. Here you will make adjustments that will make your life easier when it comes to selecting audio. As a default HDMI 2 which is Audio only is not engaged when your puck is first activated. You need to change that if you plan on sending HDMI 1 straight to your display and HDMI 2 into your pre-amp or receiver. If you have a component that accepts and passes 4K resolution then you could also just use HDMI 1. 
Now for those that are having HDMI 2 audio out issues to your receiver or pre-amp like I am with the McIntosh MX151 there are a few work-arounds. And they won't cost you and arm and a leg unless you prefer it to. The cheapest solution is a ViewHD Audio converter. I was able to get one used like-new for about $20.00 on Amazon. You can send the HDMI 2 out of the FMP-X1 and either use the HDMI out or the Optical out on the ViewHD. Simple connection and just requires one extra cable. If you want to spend a little more there is the option of using a DVDO Edge or DUO Video Processor. Also their newer Quick6 would work as well. You can send in the HDMI 2 Audio into either one and then use their HDMI AUDIO only out and send it into your receiver or pre-amp. You can also spend quite a bit more and get a newer Lumagen Video Processor which works as well according to a couple of members on AVS Forum. I also tried a CEC-Less HDMI cable but that was unsuccessful. For now until there is an update at least there is a few easy and uncomplicated options... All options that work pass 5.1 with no issue.
There was some pretty upset customers who purchased the Upgrade Kit last year while Sony was offering 10 free movies only to have it installed recently and that promo be over. There is a happy ending however. Not only will you get Elysium but you will be given $300.00 worth of redemption codes or vouchers ($100.00 X 3) to pick whatever movies you want! To qualify you call 1-866-924-7669. Be ready to fax in a copy of your receipt showing purchase of the Upgrade Kit last year with the event ID written on it which they give you during your call. Now this is SONY going above and way beyond for us. Thanks to Robert (President of Customer Relations) for this wonderful offer. And Jaclyn (my Wife) who mentioned picking our own movies would be nice when I was on the phone with Chad (thanks to 
I would like to say in closing that as of now the deadline for getting the Upgrade is the end of March. I am 100% happy I did it and want to thank SONY for offering it to us 1000ES owners. We are now definitely ready for 4K Blu-ray (with the new HDMI Board) and in the meantime the FMP-X1 is a cool alternative. There is plenty of great demo material included for free with it. The Xperia Z tablet is also a nice touch. I have a helpful holder (pics above) which make it easier to select, tap and close it. Also it is nice having a tablet always close by for guests or myself when you need to browse something on the internet. It has been a welcome addition to our theater room. And who would argue having an extra lamp around or a spare is not a good thing? I have always been a firm believer in having one. I like using the original for 800 to a 1000 hours or so then swapping it for a brand new one. Then when the new one goes down I have the spare to use until I get a new one. Then the new one goes in and the full time spare comes back out. Anyway, let's not forget the cool black SONY folder that is included. I am using mine to store all their manuals and receipts. Haha, see you next time...
I would like to thank AUDIO VIDEO INTERIORS of Chicago for their efforts in making sure my 1000ES was updated. Noah especially for putting up with my million questions. If you are ever by Oakbrook Mall stop in and check out their showrooms! Definitely worth a field trip. You can call them at (630) 607-0054. 
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Coming soon... Join us on my BIG CURVED 3D SCREEN quest. See what we had to do to get it downstairs! This was one BIG adventure but well worth it...
Jaclyn impersonating 3D!!! 
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Vutec SST3DP065-116BVF SilverStar Curved 3D Screen
Note: Your FMP-X1 needs an internet connection. Either hardwired or use a Power line Adapter like I do for many of my Blu-ray players and other components. Next just attach power to your puck and turn it on. Thanks to Mark Haflich over at AVS for reminding me to mention this. 
Note: Sometimes your tablet may have trouble connecting to your FMP-X1. In the event this happens I have found uninstalling the Ultra 4K app from the tablet and then re downloading over will help re establish the connection from the puck to the tablet. This has worked the couple times I could not get them to communicate.
March 7th, 2014
him as well). We can pick a couple favorites and new releases!
4K Resolution using the FMP-X1 Server on a Sony 1100ES