Checking out Blu ray 2D and 3D I was happy to see it looks as good as the other players I have recently tested. DVDs do not look half bad but I will say the Panasonic and Sony players are just a little bit better. We mainly watch Blu ray or Stream HD though so DVDs are not a deal breaker. Now for the biggest surprise. Testing its 4K upscaling ability proved to be a shocker. I can say it does the best upscale I have seen to date on my Sony 4K projector. It bests the Oppo 103, Sony 790, Integra 80.3, Onkyo 5010, Denon 4520 and Marant 8801. Still I am awaiting the day when a 4K upscaling source beats my Sony 1000ES's video scaling chip. Still though, at the MSRP of the 7500 it is impressive to say the least that it comes the closest. It is going to be interesting to see what the newer players later this year can do! The biggest issue with the other sources mentioned in regards to the 4K upscale is they have a softer image. The 7500 actually is sharper and the motion is rock solid. I included a couple of pics below but as usual it is always hard to distinguish image quality from them. And I realize many do not have 4K displays let but one day when this is more of the norm rest assured the 7500 will be more than adequate at scaling...
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With apps and Streaming becoming more of the "norm" it is hard to imagine just how much more advanced our players are going to get. Facebook, Twitter, web browsing and tons of movie Streaming services help make these players the complete Media Hub. Oh yeah, they also play Blu ray 2D and 3D and DVDs. Samsung has offered up a great solution for the money. WIth TWO HDMI outs (one for video the other for audio) you can't go wrong. Especially if you Receiver is older! I can't wait to see what they do next. Who knows, those players may end up being around 150.00!!! 
The new app GUI looks awesome. It is easy to navigate. Netflix Super HD and Amazon both do DD+. Vudu HDX does 7.1 as well as 3D. If you are a Streaming fan then you will LOVE the 7500. I also should mention Cinema Now which looks terrific. Samsung also has their own apps which seem endless. Setting up the player is very easy. The remote (pic above) is simple to use. I would gladly pay 20.00 more for a backlit remote. Of course that is not an issue if you are using a Harmony or Universal remote. All the settings are simple to understand. It does firmware updates in a quick manner. A plus if you are in a hurry. The network was fast and I am happy to report wireless! I don't think there are any excuses for companies to release a player for over 200.00 that isn't. So far the 3D settings do leave me with one question. The screen size only goes up to 116" which I have 120" and others have even bigger. I am hoping they can change that in a future update. Still, the 7500 is a very solid player and with a terrific image with both Streaming and Blu ray is is hard to kick out of your rack. The 3D image rivals the Oppo and Panny 330. It is that good! Tip: to increase brightness with 3D set picture to the Dynamic setting. This really makes the 3D image pop! 
SAMSUNG BD-F7500 4K Upscale 3D Blu ray 
I remember the days of having to spend over $1,000 to get a blu ray player that had the best inage with the latest features. Fast-Forward to 2013 and that is ancient history. We've seen the cost come down while the performance went up with players from Sony, Panasonic and Oppo. Now Samsung releases their latest flagship model the BD-F7500 with TWO HDMI outs, 4K upscale, an abundance of Streaming Apps and top notch image quality. And all of this for 247.00 ish. I will admit I had no intentions to look at this player but after getting a lot of requests from my site (thank you btw) I decided to give it a go.