So after having my Venetian home theater seats for awhile (Review here) I was very excited to hear they were making a Refreshment Console. We ended up getting the two love seat options one for front and one for back. My Wife Jaclyn loves having those options but after a compromise we decided to "break up" only the front row. Besides, we don't need to see any "Joanie loves Chachi" moments happening during a movie anyway. Her first comments after seeing it was that is sharp! I totally agree. The extra cup holders and table mounts will add ample options for our Super Bowl parties and larger crowd movie nights. You also can store cellphones and snacks (pic below) under the arm rest instead of ice.  I don't see us using the bottle holder very often (for wine) but it has other potential for larger drinks. Also there is a cool hidden compartment in case you need to stash something important or unmentionable. The lights look really cool in the dark and it definitely is a conversation piece. Seatcraft describes it as a bar wedge which can also be used to hold glasses in the back with a nice bottle of wine. Obviously the end user can use it for whatever they like. I just think this is a really cool center piece which will add class to your home theater. 
It is great to see Seatcraft adding new accessories to use with the seats. We still like their head/neck arm rest pillows (Reviewed here). And after adding new lighted cup holders which even can charge your cellphone or tablet (in the same Review as head/neck arm rest pillows) we are super happy and comfortable in the theater. All we need now is a robot usher and we are done!
For more detailed pics and info click here to head over to Seatcraft's site. Special thanks to Ashley at Check out their site here. They always have good specials around the Holidays and definitely around the Super Bowl. 
Special thanks to my awesome Wife Jaclyn who truly makes home theater fun! 
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