So after "suffering" with the Samsung 4K UHD model long enough I finally broke down and ordered the new Panasonic model from overseas. Was I glad I did? You betcha. Sure it costs more but let's face it about 10 years ago the new Blu-ray players were even more. I just wanted a model that would show off the format without crazy handshakes as well as tell me what it was sending in. I also wanted to see what was on the disc. That alone was worth the cost of admission alone. So with that part of the mystery solved it was bonus to see the sharp GUI and very nice player options. So is it night and day better than the Samsung image wise? Definitely not. If you happen to not have a Universal remote then their remotes definitely are worlds apart. Check them out below. The Panny gives you a backlit remote with all the normal button selections you would expect. The Sammy gives you a toy model which cuts corners. Fast forward and Skip chapter using the same button just does not work. Let's hope that never happens again! Another cool tweak is the Dialog Enhancer which raises just the center speaker. Useful when my Dad is over and he is asking what did he/she say? So what else does this new Flagship type UHD HDR Blu-ray player have that makes it so special?
So looking at the back you can see the two HDMI outputs. This is nice for the vast majority who doesn't have a Receiver or Sound processor that can pass the new HDMI specs. No worries here. Just send the Video straight to your display and send just the Audio to into your Receiver. Problem solved. You also get Coax and Optical with 7.1 Channel RCA inputs but those are almost extinct. There's also a LAN but you can also connect wirelessly. There are other options like USB but I did not test that. For 99.5% of users the HDMI outputs will be utilized. 

So checking out a handful of titles below we were all very impressed. The amount of detail and color depth is astounding. HDR is really the real deal but I will say some projectors will have issues with brightness. I tested the Sammy and Panny on two different true 4K projectors and three different 4K TVs. The LG OLED was amazing. The Sony and Samsung (newish) models also looked terrific. The Sony 5000ES (Reviewed here) offered good enough brightness. The TVs were fine too. Ohers have reported darker images on other projectors. Most were not true 4K models but compatible. 

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Check out the Subtitle options. Those are pretty cool and would love for other players to do the same. As for the other player options you get three sets so depending on what you're watching. There is definitely no shortage of flexibility the UB900 offers. Ultimate control with ultimate imagery. 
Now that is very thorough info!!!
4K Netflix and Amazon!!!
So how does "regular" Blu-ray 1080p look? How about exquisite. This is another area where the Panny trumps the Sammy. I firmly believe no matter what you put in the UB900 will perform nicely. Panasonic claims the UB900 will deliver images that are faithful to the original and by raising video and audio quality you will experience an overwhelming new world of pictures and sounds. I have to say that I have been very impressed with the new UHD format. HDR is the real deal and these 4K movies are making believers out of your eyes. 

I would like to thank my long time good friend Robert of Value Electronics. He and his Wife Wendy are truly good people and sell with the upmost integrity. Give them a call at 914-723-3344 and order your Panasonic UB900 today. He has a good size shipment due in next week! Get them while you can!
Journey to Space is pure eye candy!
I am so happy to say we are expecting! TWINS to be exact! Looks like we will have a couple of new movie buffs added to our household. Let's hope they enjoy popcorn as much as we do. Mila and Raelynn can't get here soon enough. Sometimes life is like a movie. You never know what twists and turns will come your way. Either way we love and are very happy to be in this fairytale together!
Life of Pi UHD is breathtaking at times...
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