Have you ever wanted to do a campfire with S'mores, marshmallows and a movie on a big screen. We have been doing that for a very long time. I recently crafted the fastest and most efficient way to do set up and take down. I have used many different components but now I am convinced what we now use is the simplest way to do it. So without further banter let's cut to the chase. 
The first important component is your sound. The JBL 300 PartyBox is perfect. We actually use two! They can be wired up to each other with RCA cables. When they released the 310 the 300 could and still can be found for less than half! And the 310 lacks RCA inputs and outputs. One is definitely good enough but adding the second created that awesome stereo sound! 
Projectors... I love the Epson 3800. It will accept 4K from my Roku or ATV 4K. It also boasts 3000 Lumens so it is capable of filling up very large screens. I also like the Yaber 21 from Amazon. This cost effective model will fill a large screen and has good adjusting for around 200 bucks. The Epson which most will use for indoor home theater is around 1500. Both can do sound on their own but both can't compete with a large speaker like the JBLs. 
So the actual MVP of the Outdoor Movie Night is this cool device. Before I was using the headphone out with a 3.5mm to RCA cable to my speakers. Volume was so LOW! This cool Audio Extractor allows the HDMI to go in and then out to the projector. It also has 3.5mm to RCA for the JBL 300. The sound is perfect! It is clear and distinct and convincing stereo action! This device is usually around 30.00. Nice!
So of course the other major MVP is obviously your screen. Some choose to do a viewing area on the side of a building or a large piece of wood. Others like myself like to do the blow up screen. I have had various sizes. My latest and largest is a 35 foot model. Of course you do not have to go this large to make it a fun night. I am borderline crazy! I will say I have learned and still learn better ways to set up and take down. These days I lay down a large tarp first. Then I open and blow up the screen on it. When it is time to take down the screen has zippers on its legs you unzip first. This helps deflation considerable faster. Then you can roll and fold it on the tarp. Then you just fold up the tarp and store it. The next time you set up just unfold and inflate again. The big key to fun is to not get carried away with fitting your image from your projector. It does not have to be perfect. That's what my indoor home theater is for...
So making memories with the family is most important. What better way to do it then letting them watch their favorite show Bluey for a little bit. Then as they go in and go to bed we watch our evening feature. Of course cupcakes are always fun. Also playing games like tic tac toe and connect four or Jenga while we wait for the sun to go down. Don't forget the cornhole with bags too! We also use the JBL 300 bluetooth from our phones to listen to music. And lastly let's not forget about the fire. I try to keep it medium so it is not an actual bonfire. This would be distracting for our movie time. Even our family golden doodle Cooper had a great time hanging out while we watched our movie. As you can see above Dallas was a little over-zealous with his red cupcake. I would love to keep this a going "thing" so please send me your Outdoor Movie Nights and I will add them below... I will add your first name first letter of your last and your City...
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UPDATED 6/26/23