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So what can be said about an App that turns your iPad into a fully functional  Onkyo Remote Control? Your iPhone as well? How about simplicity. Now more than ever it is easy to turn the volume up or down discretely. You of course do not even have to aim it. Just push the command on your screen and away it goes! Before I get to far ahead of myself I will point out you need to have the Onkyo unit connected to your internet. Doing so is very easy and cost effective these days. The quickest connection is to just use an Ethernet Powerline Adapter Kit (pics below). Set up is a breeze! Just plug one near your Broadband Modem and connect it with an Ethernet cable and plug the other near your Onkyo unit and connect it with another Ethernet cable. You instantly have a "Wired" connection to your internet. This works great with music services like Slacker or Pandora as well as movie sources like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video. Too easy. Back to the O Remote though...
Example of a couple Ethernet Powerline Adapters.
So not only having easy access to volume, mute and power commands you have instant Speaker and Subwoofer level calibrtations as well as the ability to change inputs. Let's not forget you also can get info on what exactly is going in and out of th unit. I also like being able to change Sound Modes by touching the Dial command. All of them are easy to scroll thru so you can pick one quickly. This is excellent when you want to switch the sound mode on the fly and not have to go through all of them by tapping the Onkyo's remote over and over again. Nice! I will also point out that the O Remote is easy to mate to your Receiver/Pre-Pro. It only takes seconds to be up and running after you install it on your device. 
Check out some of the other options you can do in the pics below. Settings within the unit are easily accessible. You can also change input names and Zones at the touch of a button. No more staring at the plastic remote looking for a hard to read button!
Simple question. Why use this when you can be using this as a Remote for your Onkyo Receiver/Pre-Pro??? Grab this App today and make like easier. 
Not that I hate the Onkyo factory remote but after spending a good amount of time using the O Remote app it is nearly impossble to go back. Robert Worne has created the next step in Remote Contrology and if you own an Onkyo you are truly missing out not using it.  
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The O Remote is so easy even a cat can do it!!!
Pic above is using my iPhone 4S with O Remote.
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