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The Darblet from DarbeeVision or Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) will enhance your HDMI sources like DirecTV, Blu ray 2D/3D,  PS3 and or Xbox 360. I was excited when I first read about it coming to home theaters. I still have my old Razorvision Pure AV from Belkin that I used to use back in the day! So what is so special about the Darblet? For starters it is designed to go between your source and your display. For DirecTV, I have my HD DVR going into my Onkyo 3009 which then sends out 1080p into my Edge VP which then goes into the Darblet. The HDMI out from the Darblet heads down to my Sony VPL-VW1000ES projector. The Darblet takes the signal and sharpens while boosting color and contrast. Sure it is much like an iPhoto app I use on my iPad but what is wrong with that? Pure Videophile fans will most likely not accept it. I admit for Blu ray it may be a bit overkill but for Sports (like the NFL) it is amazing! I already am an eye candy extremist when it comes to the games. Now with the Darblet I really can let my hair down! I have a few screen shots below but believe me when I say it is much more "in your face" in person. Of course the effect can be turned down (or up) to your own personal preference. You have three modes. Hi Def, Gaming and Full Pop. There is also a DEMO mode so you can pause and set. The percentage will be in the lower right corner and will remain on until you visit the Menu and under Logo Properties set "persistent" to Off. The little Remote (pics below) has all these command buttons including Darbee more and Darbee less. Simple. Tip: If for any reason you are having handshaking issues unplug the HDMI IN and replug back in or unplug the source and replug back in. Another thing to do is unplug the Darblet and wait a minute and plug back into power. 
Now I have tried it on a few different displays so far. Each one had a little different result. All showed good to great benefits with DirecTV. My larger screen in my Home Theater had the most obvious results. My 65" Mits DLP and my 55" LED also showed some improvement. I especially liked my Edge VP and Darblet combo. I am getting a very clean, sharp and colorful image which really will make this season that more enjoyable. TV shows like Dexter looked very good. Especially the close-ups in the show's intro. For TV alone the Darblet is for sure a keeper. For Blu ray the Darblet though visible is not as much using my Sony 1000ES/790 player. It adds more with 3D. My other displays had more benefit using it with Blu ray but again results will vary depending on display and player. Here are a few screens...
DEMO screens have the line down the middle. Right side is the Darbee side. Other screens show how sharp and the boost the Full Pop 80% have on the image!
Some of the pics are "live" action ones. Notice how in some of them you can see the people's reactions on their faces. Also note the dirt clogs and divots! Now that is detail!
Blu ray 3D 40%
Blu ray 40%
Blu ray 40%
Blu ray 40%
The following two pics are courtesy of henrich3 from AVS. These were taken on a JVC RS60. The left pic is showing 80% while the Right is at 40%. They represent well...
It is somewhat tough to see the differences with Blu ray. Especially on the 1000ES 4K projector. Well without going crazy and doing 80% or more that is. These were taken in Hi Def mode. Of course again the outcome was a little more favorable with my other displays. I will point out that with DVDs it is well worth it. I tested a few that I have left. Still though my best benefit by far is with DirecTV. And for this alone I have to recommend the Darblet from DarbeeVision. With football it is about the "pop" in the uniforms (especially helmets) and the rich green grass. The more we "see" the more we are in the game!!! The Darblet is like a front row/50 yardline seat... Some will say it is not natural to enhance the image. I say it is boring not to...
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The Grey Blu ray 80%
​Thanks for reading. I appreciate everyone's support and it is the force behind my passion for this great hobby. See you soon...
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Blu ray 40%
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