I had Pinnacle Super K 555 speakers for the longest time. I then decided to give the BG IC-201s a shot after being really impressed with their CC-220 and FS-420s Reviewed here. They were put to the test immediately when we put The Possession in. The Surrounds and Wides really get a brutal workout with this movie. The 201s passed the test with flying colors. Then afterwards they were put to the "crowd" test with football games. Hearing unruly fans yelling is one thing but to hear exactly what they are saying is something else. The 201s again came through. I will point out that they are being pushed by an A52 from Parasound. The Marantz AV8801 Reviewed here is sending the information to the Parasound. I actually waited until over 100 hours were put on them to make sure they were somewhat broken in before I put my thoughts together. They still seem to be getting better with every soundtrack!
I have them in black which match my other speakers nicely. They are 120 watt power handling. They have a sealed ribbon tweeter angled at 45 degrees. Also the four Neodymium Kevlar woofers are angled at 60 degrees. These are designed for both in wall and in ceiling use. Their reliability comes from all steel and extruded aluminum. I can say without a doubt these offer great value to any room. They are the perfect match for home theater soundtracks. 
For more information on BG RADIA 201 speakers go to their site
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Time to put our feet up (well, actually those are Jaclyn's) and get ready for Spring then Summer of course. I have just one more Review planned before I do the 4K Sony Media Player with their 1000ES 4K projector. Can't wait and stay tuned...