By: JoeRod
I used to think that I had "good enough" speakers and that my sound could not be improved. I figured since I was using high end components like an Integra 80.3 pre pro, Onkyo 3009 Receiver/pre-pro, Denon AVR 4311 with a Parasound HALO A51 that by changing speakers the improvement (if any) would be slight. Boy was I wrong! I have now had the BG Radia Speakers for a little over a month and they are just getting broken in. Even the first day I had them hooked up the difference was immediate and in our faces (or ears). As many know movie soundtracks dedicate a vast amount of sound to the Center speaker. I have always considered that my MVP. The BG Radia CC-220 is the best I have heard to date. My German Shepards even think someone else is in the room with us! Voices are sharp with perfect tone and clarity. You even can hear them breath slightly before they speak their dialogue. My Wife loves hearing Vin Diesel's deep voice. I have to admit when he yells it feels like he is yelling directly at us. I have found myself testing movies out just because I am hearing subtle details that I have never heard before. My favorite opening is from Darkness Falls. The narrator's eery voice sets the tone of the movie. Using the CC-220 made the hairs on my neck stand up. Not only mine though! I have now played the same opening for many guests who have been here and they all get the same creepy feeling. For the first time ever I have excellent sound to match my excellent image (Sony VPL VW1000ES 4K 3D Projector). The CC-220 has instantly become my MVP for movies and TV shows.  Even if an actor mutters you can still hear what they are saying. Again the amount of clarity the CC-220 displays is astounding. If you are looking for a high end Center speaker the BG Radia CC-220 should be at the very top of your list. 
Both elegant and classy the CC-220 is as impressive looking as it is performing. Specs have it at 250 watts and compatible with both 4ohm and 8ohm. It is rated at 88db/1w/1m and has two 8" Planar-Ribbon mid-drivers with one 3" Planar-Ribbon tweeter. Not to mention it also has two 6.5" woofers. It is very large and built like a sleek tank. It weighs 52 pounds, and is 8.25" high, 12" D and 41" wide! It was designed for large scale home theater installations but if you have the room it will be a game changer. Human voices and dogs barking have never been so remarkably clear. For the first time ever I can use the term "High Fidelity" in a sentence with my home theater. The CC-220 has perfectly blended powerful bass with distinct clarity. Stop wondering what they are saying sometimes and do yourself a favor and get a CC-220...
As much as I love the CC-220 I feel equally the same (or more) about their beautiful floorstanding model FS-420s. They have the same brilliant design pattern as the CC-220 and make a perfect team. My room has never sounded this good. And for you Two Channel audio fans you will not be disappointed. You will be very hard pressed to find better sound for both Movies and Music. The 420s are rated as 4ohm but can be Bi-wired with 8ohm Receivers/Pre-pros. Their sensitivity is 91db/1w/1m while they are 250 watt speakers. They each have two Neo10 midrange drivers, Neo3 tweeter and two 6.5" woofers. Pack all of that together and the FS-420's dipole radiation pattern helps create the best sound field I have heard to date. These are very sleek and are only 55" tall. They deliver the most minute details in music as well as movie soundtracks. They are subtle when needed and powerful when commanded. Just last night we had a few guests over and we watched parts of Friday The 13th (the new one) and The Strangers. Both movies left everyone chilled to the bone (and ears). Being able to hear "more" puts you that much more into the movie! Strong bass with excellent midrange helps you achieve the very best sonic performance of all worlds... Dexter's intro was the best we have heard it. Being able to hear him chomp and chew his food with such detail really made us realize we were using different speakers. We heard some noises for the first time!
For those of you who are only in the market for In-Wall speakers meet the BG Radia SA-500s and SA-360. They are made from pretty much the exact same components and sound pretty much exactly alike the 420s and 220. They will make any room turn into a live performance. These speakers make a great "Front" set up. I would not hesitate or think twice about purchasing a set. I also plan to check out one of BG's new subwoofers. With their speakers being high Reference Quality I am very curious to hear just how good a subwoofer from them can be. I will definitely keep you posted. 
For those interested in BG Radia speakers click here to locate a dealer near you.Tell them Joerod sent you!

To read more about BG and their speakers click on their logo to the right. You can also call them at (775) 884-1900. Make sure you tell them you read about them here...

​SONY VPL-VW1000ES 4K 3D Projector,
Denon AVR-4311CI Receiver, Sony BDP-S790 Blu ray,
OnkyoTX-NR3009 pre-pro, Onkyo TX-NR818 Receiver, DirecTV HR24 500, Xbox 360, PS3, Simplay EDGE GREEN Video Processor, Monster Power HTS 5100, Oppo 93 Blu ray, Panasonic BDT 310 3D Blu ray player, MonsterVision 3D glasses, Sony 3D glasses, Parasound HALO A51 AMP, Antec Component Coolers, Vutec SilverStar 120.5" screen with a Carada Masquerade Masking System. BG RADIA CENTER CC-220 & FS-420s (Left and Right), Pinnacle Speakers- Heights BD500 OWs, Surrounds Super K555s and the KLCR for surround back. Subwoofers- Pinnacle Dig 600, plus four MTX Lolita Low Profiles. 7.6 Sound! Remotes: Harmony 1100. Monster M1000 Ultimate HDMI cables top to bottom. And a Monster 35 foot HDX Hyperspeed HDMI cable.

Thanks again very much for all the support I get from my readers. It is you that keeps my site alive and my passion for home theater going. Up next: The Darblet from Darbeevision.

BG Radia - Breakthrough Loudspeaker Technology 

BG Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance loudspeakers for the audio, home theater, custom and commercial installation markets. BG utilizes its patented planar ribbon technology to produce the finest loudspeakers for an array of high quality professional and residential applications. 

Founded in June 1994, the company is based in Carson City, Nevada where it markets its unique products throughout the world under the BG Radia and Radia Pro brand names as well as on an OEM basis. Critically acclaimed, BG is widely regarded as one of the most innovative loudspeaker companies in the world.